Basic topics in developmental biology with a focus on research-informed teaching. Topics include cellular processes involved in morphogenesis; control of cell number in the developing organism; axis formation and patterning; and development of the neuromuscular system.

Lecture outline

Cellular processes in early development

Neural crest and disease

Muscle origins and patterning

Testis and kidney development

Germ cell migration and specificationTeam work in the Anat334 lab

Axial skeleton patterning

Craniofacial morphogenesis

Axonal outgrowth and pathfinding

Development of the Forebrain

Disorders of Neurodevelopment

Adolescent Brain Development

Lab classes

The living chick embryo (working with live chicken embryos)

Wholemount immunohistochemistry experiment

Examination of transgenic mouse embryos (muscle development)

Teratology using chicken embryos

Tracing Axon projections using DiI labelling (embryo eye)

Tracking development of neurons in the forebrain




There are four internal assessments each worth 10% of your final mark.

1. Library skills

2. Laboratory report

3. Experimental design


Final exam worth 60%



Dr Christine Jasoni (http://develneuro.otago.ac.nz)
Dr Megan Wilson (http://wilsonlab.ac.nz)

Dr Ruth Napper

Dr Brad Hurren