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Lab 2020 Christmas card by Beri Temiz


Been too busy to update for a while!








Below are some highlights from the year.

Women's Wellbeing Symposium 2018 - Susie and Stephanie presented their PhD work at the first Women's Wellbeing Symposium, held at the Dunedin Art Gallery in November.
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 Combio2018 in Sydney




Delighted to announce we have been awarded a 3 year Marsden Fund grant to investigate the cellular and molecular basis of whole body regeneration by Botryllodies leachii.

Marsden Fund Highlights 2017



2017 has been so busy we haven't updated the page in awhile.  Below are some highlights from the year.


Yisheng made a quick return to Dunedin for his PhD viva in October, followed by lab lunch to celebrate his PhD completion.

Rebecca, Susie, Kathy and Steph attended the Genetics end of year shout as Ghosts of post-grad present


Rebecca and Steph presented exciting results from their Hons work as part of the Hons day presentations for the Genetics and BBioMedSci degree programmes.


Megan traveled to New York in July to present our work on whole body regeneration and sequencing of the Botrylloides leachii genome at the International Tunicate meeting.




December 2016

Big December graduation for the lab - Lisa graduated with her PhD (Genetics), Susie with BBioMedSci(Hons), Jeremy with BSc(Hons) and Jamie with a MSc (Anatomy). 



July 2016

Megan enjoyed attending the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution/Genetics Society of AustralAsia conference on the Gold Coast. The next GSA meeting will be in Dunedin in July 2017!


June 2016

Simon has completed his visiting fellowship (Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) Early PostDoc.Mobility Fellowship) and headed back home to Europe with a new love for tunicates.    



Lisa submitted her completed PhD, new science adventures await.


 Yisheng headed to the Allied Genetics Conference (USA) to present his PhD work.  He also presented his final PhD seminar to the department and is busy writing.

March 2016

Susie presented results from her summer research project at the 233rd Otago Medical School Research Society Scientific meeting.



Feb 2016

Congratulations to Lisa! 

Lisa submitted her PhD thesis for examination plus her most recent publication is now published online

Happy New Year for 2016!


Lab Christmas lunch, Secret Santa and mini-golf 2015. 










Congrats to Summer Sorensen (BBioMedSci) and Mitchell Weston (MSc Genetics).  Both very proud of their finished thesis.



New grant to fund some exciting research studying transcription regulation and brain development:



Lisa presenting her PhD work as part of the departmental seminar series - One of the first signs the end of PhD work is near!


Three MSc thesis submissions so far for 2015 - Congratulations to Pheobe Heenan, Mitchell Weston and Jamie Ng.



Congratulations to Lisa!  She has won grant funding towards her research from the Brenda Shore Award for Women 

Grant funding success -  Dr Megan Wilson was awarded a grant from the Wishbone Trust (NZ Orthopaedic Association) to fund our research aimed at understanding the etiology of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS).

QMB Reproductive and Developmental Biology satellite was held at the end of August (part of the Queenstown Research Week or QMB).  Turned into a lab road trip to Queenstown, lots of great science, discussions and fun times.  

Lisa won the speaker award (supported by the ANZSCDB).  Yisheng won the Genetics Otago Poster prize.  Ann (from the Gemmell lab) won the Genetics Otago Speaker prize.   


Megan attended two conferences in July.  The first one was a excellent Cell Symposium meeting in Chicago on transcriptional regulation and development.  Megan presented our work on RNA polymerase pausing.  Then it was off to Vienna for the 2014 Euro Evo Devo meeting where Megan was invited to present on our work investigating whole body regeneration in Botrylloides leachi using transcriptomics and genomics. 


In March, Megan was invited as a plenary speaker to the New South Wales ANZSCDB meeting in Sydney to speak on her work in the field of Evolution and Development.   Megan's report on the meeting can be found here.



Before we all headed off for the Christmas/Summer break, the lab enjoyed a trip to the Orokonui Ecosanctuary and lunch (with Secret Santa) at Carey's Bay.



Mitchell presenting his MSc work at the R&D day










Lisa, Phoebe, Mitchell, Yisheng and Jamie all presented their latest research findings at the 2013 Reproduction and Development Colloquium.   Read a summary of the day here.







Megan and Lisa recently presented our work on tunicates (developmental biology and regeneration) at the New Zealand's first tunicate meeting held at Cawthron in October.  While we were there we checked out the local tunicate population
















Jamie all set to present his post-grad work as part of the department poster day:






Megan on realscientists :

Grant success


Megan blogging at "the Node"


Lisa is presenting her work at the NGS conference 2013


Jamie presenting his PgDipSci work:


Phoebe won best speaker award!


Jamie for President


Student developmental biology 4th year student blogs


The anatomy of the honeybee/School visit

Life technologies Award 2012