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Principal investigator


Dr Megan Wilson, Senior Lecturer and Laboratory Head.

Post-doctoral Fellows

Dr Michael Meier

PhD students


Susie Szakats

Jeremy McCallum-Loudeac

Stephanie Workman

Rebecca Clarke

Berivan Temiz

Edward Moody

Hons Students 2020

Edward Moody BSc(Hons) Anatomy

Lin Song BBiomedSc(Hons) - Lhx9 and testicular development.


 Past Students and Staff:

Dr Lyvianne Decourtye (Post-doctoral fellow)

Alice McAtamney BBioMedSc(Hons) - PhD student, cancer genetics

Georgia Johnstone BSc(Hons) Genetics - Laboratory Technician, Pacific Edge

Emma Young BSc(Hons) Genetics - Medicine, University of Melbourne

Yisheng Yang (PhD in Genetics) - Science Teaching

 Kathy Sircombe (Genetics) - Assisant Research Fellow (Microbiology and Immunology department)

Stephanie Workman BBiomedSci(Hons)

Rebecca Clarke BSc(Hons) Genetics

Susie Szakats BBiomedSci(Hons)

Jeremy McCallum-Loudeac BSc(Hons) Anatomy

Mitchell Weston (MSc Genetics)

Dr Simon Blanchoud

Lisa Zondag (Genetics) PhD

Tanya Cheung (MSc Genetics)  - working as a Research assistant at Otago

Summer Sorensen (BBioMedSci(Hons)) - Clinical embryologist

Ana Clark (PgDipSci, Genetics)

Jamie Ng (PgDipSci, MSc Anatomy) - Research assistant, Sydney

Mitchell Weston (MSc Genetics) - Research assistant AgResearch

Phoebe Heenan (MSc Anatomy) - Research assistant in Christchurch

James McEwan (Summer Student, Medicine Otago)